Make The Most Of Your Jet2Holidays Rain Cheques

Anyone who has flown with or enjoyed a holiday with Jet2Holidays may be familiar with the concept of the Jet2Holidays Rain Cheques.

make the most of your jet2holidays rain cheque

Why Do Jet2Holidays Provide Rain Cheques?

In the beginning, when Jet2 first handed out Jet2Holidays Rain Cheques they did this on the basis that when you returned to your UK departure airport, and it was raining, they gave you a Jet2Holidays Rain Cheque as an incentive to book another JetHoliday upon your return home – perhaps to brighten your day after encountering the UK rain. It is probable that these incentives had the desired effect and people took Jet2Holidays up on their incentive and began booking and taking advantage of the £60 Rain Cheque Discount.

The outcome of JetHolidays Rain Cheque’s success was that Jet2Holidays decided to start handing out Rain Cheques to everyone who was returning from one of their holidays, and to further encourage repeat bookings when they got back home.

So How Do You Make The Most of Your Jet2Holidays Rain Cheque?

So more and more people now find they have been presented with an incentive to book another holiday using their Jet2Holidays Rain Cheque, but we see many people missing our on using them.

To understand why we have to go back to the original reason Jet2Holidays Rain Cheques were first introduced; to encourage repeat bookings upon return from holiday. But not everyone realised they need to be used pretty much immediately and, they discovered that their was both an expiry date on their use and limitations on which holiday seasons they were valid for and that additionally they cannot be used when reserving JetCity Breaks.

So our advice to make the most of your Jet2Holidays Rain Cheque is to bring it into Conexo Travel as soon after you return as possible, we can then get some holiday suggestions together for you based on the validity of your rain cheque and get your next holiday booked in order for you to start looking forward to it!

Don’t forget, Conexo Travel is your local Jet2Holidays Booking Centre and you can redeem your Rain Cheque here!