Covid-19 Travel Test from £43

Obtaining cheap and reliable Covid-19 tests for travel from the UK is a task many holidaymakers are currently being challenged by, and we are receiving many calls regarding Covid-19 testing.

Most people will know that NHS tests are not to be used for travel purposes and that if you do use them they are likely to be rejected by the airlines as the results do not provide sufficient details about the type of test which airlines and overseas destinations require.

Conexo Travel have been approached by Randox whom you may already be familiar with. Randox sponsor the world’s greatest race, the Randox Grand National. Or perhaps you recognise the name as being one of the partners in the UK Government’s testing programme for COVID-19 and they have provided us with an exclusive discount code which you can use to order your Covid-19 tests ar a reduced rate.

To get the discounted rate, just use the coupon code CONEXO21 at the checkout, the Randox website is

Please note we do not deal with tests ourselves, your contract will be with Randox when you place your order and you should deal with them to arrange your test and result.